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burning it from both ends

Ever feel like you’re burning it from both ends? Well I’ve put myself in this position once again and wow am I ever working lots of hours and using up all that is within me.

As busy as I am… this time feels different. Most of us have experienced this condition where we have taken on more than we should have and found ourselves physically and emotionally overwhelmed. But I’m finding that even though I am overwhelmed with all my many duties, plans, goals, assignments, etc, I find my level of excitement is keeping any level of stress at bay.

For those that don’t know, my company is in a major expansion, we’re hiring new people, and reaching into new markets with new offerings. And all of this is during a time of non-stop “doom and gloom” from the news and many people that I listen to.

Are we seeing something different? Is our market an anomaly? Is our product/service so superior, so cutting edge, so in demand that we can pull this expansion off during horrible times? No, no and no.

What we believe is that our competition has been shrinking, out of fear they are not marketing, not growing, they’re sitting back complaining about how bad things are and not focusing on where there still is opportunity. Now don’t get me wrong, things are tough out there. But our attitude is we need to work harder than ever, plan wiser, be more creative, and care for our clients like they’ve never been cared for before.

Will our plans succeed? Who knows? All I know is we are not going to sit back and allow bad news and people with bad perceptions dictate what we will accomplish in this world. Be it good times or bad we are moving forward and will accomplish our goals. Will the path be a straight one? No, heck no. We will and so will you, have to remain nimble, flexible and change course as necessary. Doesn’t matter what path, how long it takes and what we have to overcome so long as we get there.

Wishing you an exciting journey and if I can ever help you in anyway along the way please let me know.