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How do you make big decisions? In the business climate that we find ourselves in, I feel thinking through large moves are more critical than ever.

Really every decision we make is critical, maybe not life or business survival important, but I find that I abhor waste, due to poor decisions, of any kind especially when it’s harder than ever to get it back.

This is where I find myself. I’ve been thinking for more than a year now about a new division for or possibly a new standalone company. I possibly have over thought this one. Normally I think of an idea, do all the due diligence and if it passes all of the possible red flags I’m ready to get started.

I’m ready to get going, actually I’m quite excited. What about you? What have you been putting off that you should either kill or jump on?

Let me know your ideas on this subject matter and especially if you find any of this to be relevant to your current state of being.

Go get ’em friends!