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The audio clip contained in this video is what I find most disturbing. Not sure about you, but I find myself alarmingly caloused when it comes to the news stories and images that we have been barraged with over the years. I think I’ve become numb to it all, and unless it hits close to home it’s hard to feel the emotion behind the story. Sad isn’t it, what about you?

But I find if I take the time to slow down, almost meditate on what I’m seeing, reading, hearing, then the impact of it starts to sink in, then I get it and I melt. I’m so sad for what’s happened to these beautiful people and wish I was there to help in some small way. Speaking of help, each and everytime there is some world disaster I always donate money to Franklin Graham’s ministry . I trust what these guys are doing and their values are aligned with mine. Check them out.

Let me know what you think about this video and please share photos or videos that we need to see.

Pray for Japan!

Sendai Airport – Hit by tsunami