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downtown lakeland floridaLike many who live in Lakeland I grow to love Downtown Lakeland Florida more and more with each passing year. The plans that were drawn up years ago and then implemented for the revitalization of our downtown Lakeland area have been handled masterfully.

I was born in Lakeland and due to my father’s career moved as a young boy to Raleigh, NC and for similar reasons we all returned just as I graduated high school back home to Lakeland. For years I felt like a Carolina boy living in Florida but after many years passed, children born and raised, and lots of living in between, Lakeland became home to me once again.

It’s been during this time that people with great vision were tireless working to rebuild what we all enjoy so very much; our beautiful Downtown Lakeland Florida.

If you are visiting Lakeland, Florida or live here full-time you owe it to yourself to explore what’s going on in this vibrant part of our town. New Downtown Lakeland Restaurants have opened and they are all great new additions and deserve our support.

Downtown Lakeland Shopping has been great for years and it keeps getting better. New shops offering a wide variety are awaiting you to discover them. Looking for something fun to do? Downtown Lakeland Events are a great way to build lasting memories with family and friends and to meet nice people in the process.

For the young at heart the Downtown Lakeland Night Life is hopping with many locations offering just about anything you’re in the mood for.

In addition to all the great shops, restaurants, businesses, and more that Downtown Lakeland offers we are also excited that iCitySpy has chosen our town to be their first city in America to go live with their amazing “What to Do & Where to Go” city directory on steroids. Check them out for all the great things that are going on in Lakeland, Florida.

So head downtown and share with me and your friends anything awesome that you’ve just now discovered.