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Well another Memorial Day has come and gone… time to get mentally back into work mode. How was your day, long weekend? Did you take time to reflect what this day is all about or was it a busy family filled time with an extra day thrown in?

For me it honestly was the later.

We have been so crazy busy the past few weeks with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Am I thankful for those who have and are currently serving in the armed forces? You better believe it. Did I take anytime over the past few days to reflect on this fact like I have in prior years. No. Why not? Life, lots of it, and thanks to all of those who protect us I was able to have a blast with those that I love.

Now I guess is my time to slow down for a few minutes, slow down, and reflect.

Thanks to all who keep us safe, and I pray that you and yours are safe as well!