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Just left home for a quick trip to Tampa, dinner with our youngest daughter. As I drove I had my iPhone plugged into the car stereo, fader adjusted to the front speakers and was listening to a “This week in Photography” weekly podcast.

Next to me was seated my wife who was glued to some book, legs covered with a blanket and the passenger light beaming down illuminating the subject of her focus.

I then glanced over my right shoulder and noticed that my daughter and granddaughter was both independently engrossed in their own technological wonder. Paige, my eldest daughter was conquering some level of “Angry Birds” on my iPad, and my granddaughter was watching some show on her moms iPhone.

This is not at all the way my family traveled when I was a youngster. Technology has certainly impacted our lives, for the better most of the time.

Share with us your stories of modern life being impacted by these electronic gadgets that most of us find so indispensable.

Well, it’s time for dinner, yummy.

Later on friends.