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kindle, nook, ipad

My sister-in-law wrote to me this morning asking if I had a preference, Nook or Kindle. She explained that they wanted to buy their two college aged daughters one or the other for Christmas and weren’t sure.

My response follows, but we’d sure love to get your ideas for this matter as well. Please let me know how you would have responded.

My answer:

Hi Sis. That’s a tough one to answer as I own an iPad, LOVE IT, and have never used a kindle or nook. As far as a pure book reader goes everyone I listen to and read in the tech world say that the new kindle, the $139 wifi model, is their favorite. Again it’s only for reading books.
I think the new Nook, ┬áthe $249 color model, allows web surfing as well, but I never hear anyone recommending this unit, don’t know why.
I own the base model iPad, it cost $499, and as you know it’s a wonderful book reader, but a full computer as well. Surf the web, email, facebook, watch movies, listen to music, on and on. I take it everywhere. You can buy books from Apple’s bookstore, but I also have the Kindle app on mine and buy books from Amazon too.
If the girls just want to read books, buy the Kindle. If they need or want to do more I’d bite the bullet and get them the iPad.
Here’s an article reviewing all of the units from CNET, maybe it will shed more light on the subject.
Call me with any other questions, hopefully this was helpful.
Love to all, Grant