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Last night was a lot of fun. A few days ago one of my wife’s sisters and her husband arrived in Lakeland for a ten day visit. This was the first opportunity we all had to get together. We started off with dinner, a dozen or so in attendance at a local, all you can eat buffet style joint. We hadn’t been to this type of restaurant in years, but the food was decent, and the company was great.

After-wards, we decided to hit a local Applebees as one of the girls had heard they were having karaoke night with a Mardi Gras theme. Off we went. You can tell by now that this wasn’t a high roller kinda night, but wow was it a lot of fun.

Lots of loud music, maybe a couple too many drinks, laughing and cheering on of pretty poor local talent giving it their all with a microphone, made for a night of great memories.

So, if you’re ever invited to karaoke night, and you’re thinking like me “sounds awful” go anyway. Even if you don’t get up and make a fool of yourself, you’ll thoroughly enjoy watching those that do.