Saturday 20th October 2018

All consuming web design

by Grant Burhans July 17, 2011 Internet and Technology

Wondering where I have been? Well for the past couple of months I have been totally engrossed in the creation and launching of a new division for, our newest web design firm If you’ve ever been involved in the creation, planning and launching of a new website you know what an ordeal it […]

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Burning it from both ends

by Grant Burhans June 12, 2011 Life Experiences

Ever feel like you’re burning it from both ends? Well I’ve put myself in this position once again and wow am I ever working lots of hours and using up all that is within me. As busy as I am… this time feels different. Most of us have experienced this condition where we have taken […]

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Greatest wedding proposal ever!

by Grant Burhans May 26, 2011 Family Fun

My sister-n-law posted this link on Facebook. This is a really clever video of a “wedding proposal” that I know you’ll enjoy. Let me know what you think.

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usama bin laden – Dead or Alive? Dead!

by Grant Burhans May 2, 2011 Life Experiences

Like most of you I have spent much of today reflecting on the breaking news of yesterday, that being the successful mission to finally eliminate ubl. Many questions will come to mind, answers to reasonable questions will go unasked by the media, or if asked unanswered by those with the knowledge to answer, some will […]

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Incredible Lego Machine – GBC

by Grant Burhans April 29, 2011 Videos

Incredible Lego machine video. Makes me want to run out and spend a few thousand dollars on Lego gear and then take a weekend engineering. Would be a lot of fun. Let me know what you think.

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Blue Angels

by Grant Burhans April 4, 2011 Family Fun

Sitting outside yesterday afternoon, watching the Blue Angels performing over the skies of Lakeland, Florida. Every so often one or more of the six jets would fly directly over my house, and not that far over as you can see from this pic. Lots of noisy fun was had by all.

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Making sense of internet options

by Grant Burhans April 4, 2011 Internet and Technology

Which way to go? What to do first, how to know, who to trust, what’s best for my business? On and on and on. First I need to clarify something. I love all of this wild and whacky internet stuff, understand it, learn more about it daily, and apply much of it to my own […]

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Secret to Sucess – TED Talk

by Grant Burhans March 17, 2011 Life Experiences

Ted Talk – Success! Great video shot at a TED Talk. Let me know if you agree.

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Nuclear Reactors in Japan – Periodic Table of Videos – Interesting Explanation

by Grant Burhans March 16, 2011 Internet and Technology

Great explanation of the science behind what’s happened in Japan regarding the nuclear power plants. Let me know what you think.

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SEO and Web Marketing Services

by Grant Burhans March 15, 2011 Internet and Technology

Excited to announce that our new company Business Marketing LLC is progressing nicely. The site development is underway, the hiring of two full-time employees; one programmer and one article researcher/content writer is in the interview phase. Our new company logo is being designed, looking forward to seeing what they come up with. Feel free to […]

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