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I thought I’d use my speech recognition software on my iPhone to dictate this blog post. Wouldn’t it be amazing in the future to be able to verbally just say what you want to say and have it automatically convert it to text?

I really am impressed with the capabilities of this dragon software or application as it is. I wish that the amount of text or amount of content that it can translate would be greater.

I’m tempted to go ahead and buy the full version for the computer. I’ve owned voice recognition software years ago and I found it to be lacking but if this works this well on my iPhone, it has to be better on a full power computer.

Let me know if you have experienced the current editions of dragon, think it is called simply speaking or something like that software on a computer I’d love to hear your recommendations or comments on this software.

Please know if any of the formatting on this post seems odd that it was dictated and I would say probably only about 1 to 2% of the post had to be edited to correct punctuation.

Take care, Grant