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Like most of you I have spent much of today reflecting on the breaking news of yesterday, that being the successful mission to finally eliminate ubl.

Many questions will come to mind, answers to reasonable questions will go unasked by the media, or if asked unanswered by those with the knowledge to answer, some will create new conspiracy theory’s,¬†partisan¬†political views and comments are already filling the airwaves. So as a normal everyday citizen what are we to make of all of this? Volumes of history books will be written on this topic, every angle from every point of view will be blogged about, podcasted, spoken, discussed, argued, on and on.

So what’s the bottom line? I believe a key take away to all of this is that if you are an enemy to the United States of America, if you have harmed or plan to harm any who call themselves Americans, we will relentlessly hunt you down and make you pay the ultimate cost. Doesn’t matter if it takes a week or a hundred years we will not forget, and we will see justice done.

Our enemies may think that when we elect a new President that the goals of the former fade away, but this should serve as an excellent example that the President of the United States isn’t a person, but an office, a position, temporarily held by different individuals, and the items that are important to one are important to all.

Am I glad that ubl is gone? Heck yes! Does it make us any safer? Probably not. There are many heads to this snake we are dealing with, but we will chop off each head as it rises up.

For the families that suffered horrible family loses on 9/11 I’m sure this event is helpful and hopefully speeds up the emotional healing that we all desire.

Share with us your comments, thoughts, observations and ideas regarding this nasty fellows destruction.

May God continue to protect our men and women serving in the military, grant them wisdom, and bring them home safely to their loved ones.