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Remember seeing all the pics of President Ronald Reagan riding his horse on his ranch. Looked like he had rustled cattle for years and was in full control of his powerful stallion. Or what about President George W. Bush? Riding his mountain bike at full speed flying along some rugged trail with secret service doing their best to keep up.

Then we have this most recent photo of President Barak Obama. Doo Dee Doo Dee Doo.

Whimpy bike rider

He’s really got that bike ripping up the sidewalk at Martha’s Vineyard. I wonder if that’s what he’s been doing on this most recent of his 6 vacations, learning how to ride his shiny new Peugeot ( has to be a French bike). Maybe the Secret Service guy was cropped out of the picture as he had just let go of the back of little Barak’s bike. I’m sure he was proud to see the pres taking his first solo ride.

It’s a proud moment for all of us.