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Grant Burhans Times


January 26, 2022


Grant Burhans is president and founder of Business Marketing LLC.

Founded originally in 1982 as a direct mail business operating as; Treasure Chest and then Gold Nugget. These original companies were sold and then in 1985 Burhans Communications Inc, “BCi” was established as a pioneer in the sales and marketing of cellular technology.

In 1997 BCi was renamed to Communications Depot Inc to accommodate the full line of telecom products and services being offered. In 2011 all businesses were organized under the current corporate umbrella, Business Marketing LLC.

Business Marketing LLC operates and manages dozens of corporately owned websites as well as hundreds of client owned sites. Key company owned properties such as; BrightSky Web Design, Big Smile Marketing, BrightSky Video Production and BrightSky Public Relations are nationally known and respected brands.

Mr. Burhans resides in Florida and has been married since 1982.

Our customer’s
satisfaction is

“Business Marketing LLC is a company that is focused on achieving the marketing goals of our valued clients. We are a customer comes first company. Our customer’s satisfaction is paramount, as our long-term success depends on it.”

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