Wednesday 20th March 2019


by Grant Burhans

Grant Burhans is president and founder of Business Marketing LLC. Originally founded in 1985 as Burhans Communications Inc, “BCI” was a pioneer in the sales and marketing of cellular technology. A name change in 1997 to Communications Depot Inc to better convey the full line of telecom products and services now being offered, and then in 2011 all businesses were organized under the current corporate umbrella.

Currently Business Marketing LLC has 67 corporately owned websites in various stages of development. Business Marketing LLC is actively engaged in the telecommunications industry with the marketing of business telecom systems, networks, lan and wan solutions, voip and more through Communications Depot. In 2004 we entered into the web development, hosting and marketing arena as our customers were looking for internet solutions. BrightSky Web Design was launched to focus on this market segment. Internet marketing, seo services, ppc management is offered through all of our web development sites and is managed by our team at Business Marketing LLC. Our Mountain Connections website is our foray into the luxury second home, vacation real estate market.

Under Mr. Burhans leadership Business Marketing LLC is in the process of developing an internet based Media Network, First and foremost, Business Marketing LLC is a company that is focused on achieving the marketing goals of our valued clients. We are a customer comes first company, our customer’s satisfaction is paramount, as our long term success depends on it.

Mr. Burhans resides in Florida, has been married to Mary Ann since 1982, is the proud father to three lovely children, two magnificent sons in law, and an adoring grandfather to four precious granddaughters. He is hoping that his children provide him with many more grand babies to love and spoil.