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May 28, 2024

Grant Burhans

Grant Burhans is president and founder of Business Marketing LLC.

Business Marketing LLC operates and manages dozens of corporately owned websites. Key company properties are BrightSky Web Design, Big Smile Marketing, BrightSky Video Production; all are well respected brands.

In 1980 Mr. Burhans dedicated his life to Jesus and the journey of knowing Him and adjusting to His plans began. Grant will be the first to tell you of that some of the early years of his walk look more like a curvy, up-and-down mountain trail than that of a straight and narrow path, but God has proven Himself to be consistently patient, loving and faithful.

Grant, and his family, had the great experience of living and serving in Brazil from 1993 through 1994 and back again from 1996 to 1997. Some have called it a “missionary” endeavor, but he defines it as more of a “hear from God and do something amazing adventure.”

Grant and Mary Ann have been married since 1982 and they call Florida home.

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