Thursday 25th April 2019

iCitySpy – Lakeland, FL project update

by Grant Burhans on February 18, 2016

As many of you know the BrightSky Web Design team has been super busy for a couple of years working on the project. It is still amazing to me that 5 weeks ago we were able to officially launch the site and take it live. Now the fast paced work and effort still continues, […]

Downtown Lakeland Florida

by Grant Burhans on June 25, 2015

Like many who live in Lakeland I grow to love Downtown Lakeland Florida more and more with each passing year. The plans that were drawn up years ago and then implemented for the revitalization of our downtown Lakeland area have been handled masterfully. I was born in Lakeland and due to my father’s career moved […]

Chatham County Line – “Living In Raleigh Now”

by Grant Burhans on September 29, 2014

Makes me homesick for Raleigh!

ALS – Ice Bucket Challenge

by Grant Burhans on August 15, 2014

I was nominated by my wonderful sister to participate in the awareness campaign for ALS and their “Ice Bucket Challenge.” I needed to film a video of me dumping a bucket of ice water over my head and then donating to their organization. Most of the videos I have seen were all using just one […]

Hello long lost friends. I can’t believe that more than six months has elapsed without posting an update to this blog. You’re probably all familiar with the old saying “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” I’m living that reality. I personally and all of my team at Business Marketing LLC have been crazy busy over […]

Old website not performing well?

by Grant Burhans January 31, 2014 Life Experiences

Many of our customers or prospects come to us complaining that their old, well established website is no longer ranking or performing as it has it the past. If you have a website that is more than an year old and you’ve made no regular updates to it then you need to watch this short […]

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The joy? of Technology

by Grant Burhans August 27, 2013 Life Experiences
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22 Minute Lesson on Living

by Grant Burhans May 21, 2013 Life Experiences
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Grant and the Wild Girls opens Red Rocks 2013

by Grant Burhans April 26, 2013 Life Experiences

NewsRelease:Friday April 19,2013 Red Rocks Amphitheatre kicked the 2013 season off a day early with the unexpected visit by “Grant and the Wild Girls.” This internationally famous group stirred things up with their impromptu Air Guitar rendition of “Red stones are better than Blue.” After checking out the lighting and observing the clearing of the […]

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Take the Mercy, Accept the Help!

by Grant Burhans January 14, 2013 Life Experiences

Was listening to The Message translation of the New Testament this morning in the book of Hebrews. The following portion of scripture spoke to my heart and aligns with challenges I find myself walking through currently. Isn’t that the way God’s word usually works? He wants to speak to us and scripture is one of […]

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