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Hey friends,

The past couple of years have been quite the adventure, if that’s even appropriate to call it that. There are too many ways to describe what people have experienced for me to attempt a complete list, but here are a few so you get the idea: lost jobs, business shut downs or in constant jeopardy, death – lost loved ones or experienced the stress of nearly losing someone dear, questioning what’s real… do authorities know what they are talking about or do they have an agenda, etc.

It doesn’t seem to stop, someone stop the merry go round and let me off. If you’re like me this time, with all it’s ups and downs has caused me to press into God all the more and the purpose of this post is to encourage you to do the same. Has it all been roses for me? No, my wife had three preventative major surgeries and thank God she is recovering well. My dad’s dementia kicked into high gear, during this time, and he passed away a few months ago. Like most people I’ve had business challenges and lots more that I could easily add to this list. So, it’s been quite the ride.

But…. it’s also been the most incredible, amazing, wonderful time with God that I’ve probably ever experienced and for that I view the past couple of years as a messy, tough, challenging, blessing.

The attached video is a song that I discovered a few months ago and I’ve grown to really love the message. Does it minister to me? Yes, but when I listen to it I really wish that everyone could hear it and that just the right people, who have been carrying too much, are tired, weary, about to give up, will be encouraged and that God will breath on them and renew their strength, give them hope, joy, peace, love and point them back in the right direction. (run on sentence no extra cost)

Enjoy this song, listen to it a few times or many days in a row and let me know your thoughts.

I pray that God will richly bless you, your friends and family and will pour His sweet Holy Spirit all over you.